Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Runner's Knee

SO - I sort of took last week off...
which just so happened to be my first week of official training....
which made me scared considering I'm the only non-marathon runner on my team.

My knee didn't hurt,
but it most certainly didn't feel good.
A sort of twisted, not-aligned-correctly sort of feel.

But, thanks to a little rest and some great advice from friends and teammates,
I am back up and running.
Making decent time, too.

I also invested in a knee band.
I'm a sucker for new accessories, so this was a fun purchase.
A little disappointed of the lack of color choices,
but will gladly take royal blue over knee pain.

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(I am also praying to the tan gods...)

Today on my run, I gladly wanted to blame all knee issues on the roads of NOLA.


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(Look - this one is a big as a person)

I mean, good god, New Orleans.

I would also like to announce that we are finally racking in a solid group of sponsors!
Check 'em out on the side board!
We are happy to welcome:
Renshaw Property Management
SoHo Tavern
Just Cheer!
Cold Storage Craft Brewery

To the rest of you,
we went to see chocolate Santa this weekend,
and he said that the spirit of Christmas was in the spirit of giving.

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Merry Christmas to you all from Running for Ryan!
If you want to give a holiday gift to our cause, click here!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa is Watching...

Donate! Sponsor! Spread the word! Tell your boss!

Get those donations in before the year ends. 
Write it off on your taxes! 
Feel good about supporting such a fabulous cause!
Rack in some good Karma! 
Santa is watching...

Also, did you all see the new links on the right-side of the page?
Memphis Pedicab - AWESOME
Bella Petrella Sauces - DELICIOUS
Eddie DeBartolo - HOLY MOLY

Help us out: Click here to DONATE

Monday, December 12, 2011

And So The Training Begins...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In exactly 18 weeks I will be de-boarding a bus in Hopkington, 
more than likely freezing my tush off,
and approaching Runner's Village to hang with some of the world's greatest athletes,
anxiously preparing to run the oldest and one of the most challenging marathons
in. the. world:
The Boston flippin' Marathon.

It will be the 29th anniversary of my brother's accident,
the 30th anniversary Boston run for Rick and Dick Hoyt,
and it will be my first 26.2 miles... ever.
My family will be there,
I'll be running with a great team,
and I'm pretty sure that there will be a great deal of friends and supporters
waiting anxiously for a Facebook update...

I can't express the amount of love I feel already,
so I'm positive that I will be a complete wreck of emotions come April 16, 2012.

So today training begins. 
18 weeks.
That's 72 runs. 
18 Sundays of running parking garages (so I don't keel on a hill).
446 miles.
That will all hopefully lead me to the anticipated 26.2 in under 4 hours.

Those numbers don't scare me whatsoever.
(Ok, that's a huge lie)
But I honestly couldn't be happier or more excited.
We've had over 30 donations.
I just finished apron #67 with 26 in the queue.
I have a husband who has learned to tune out the pounding of a sewing machine,
A family who gets just as excited as me for each $1 I get.
 I have three sponsors to date.
And I will hopefully get a running fanny pack for Christmas.

Tis the season to be jolly and grateful.
I'm thankful for all of you!
Those who have donated,
those who have ordered an apron,
those who have spread the word,
and those who thought about us yesterday, today or tomorrow.

You have made this incredible dream a reality!
Help cheer me on as I take the first steps in my training!
Like us on Facebook!
Share our blog!
Find sponsors!

Let's get this party started.
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Mas for Christmas

Dear blog readers and apron lovers,

I just took the last order for Christmas! 
Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far! 
Running for Ryan (aka Kellyn Gowen) has officially made 37 aprons, 
with 26 more to go for Christmas, 
and already 10 for post-Christmas!!

I'm considering opening a "sweat shop" that pays in vino.
Any takers?? 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Solution for No iPods at Boston Marathon

This is the only solution, my friends:


(I promise to do weird contortiony herkies the entire 26.2 miles if this happens)

No Musica? Que?

It has recently been brought to my attention that iPods are 
"frowned upon"
 in the Boston Marathon.

This is a snapshot of me upon reading this piece of information:


I'm sorry, what? Que pasa? Pardon? 

Somewhere, my husband is reading this and smirking. 
His non-technological, flip-phone self is also an iPodless runner.

No tunes? No jams? No sprinting to Flo Rida?
Perhaps Phidippides wouldn't have keeled over had he been listening to "Rock Lobster."
I know for a fact that the sounds of the B52s increase running stability and speed.

This is all coming from a girl who's iPod died before her run the other day,
and she listened to the ringtones on her phone. 
Which by the way, was entirely hilarious. 

My playlist included:

California Love by 2Pac
96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians
Brown Sugar by D'Angelo (not really sure how that gone on there??)
Electric Feel by MGMT
I Put a Spell on You by CCR
Insane in the Membrane by Cypress Hill
Loser by Beck
Motown Philly by Boyz II Men
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

among many other completely random and either late-night or slightly-tipsy song choices.

Two of which that totally surprised me as far as pumping me up goes, were:

Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eifel 65, which is still a completely and weirdly awesome song.
Keep their Heads Ringing by Dr. Dre, which used to be my favorite song in the 5th grade.
I imagine that scared the crap our of Barb. (My mother)

So what's a tune-lovin' gal to do?

Some people love to run music-less to think.

I run to music to not think.
I think all day long. 

I think about work, about aprons, fundraising, about what to make for dinner and all the laundry I have to do, the bills I have to pay, the friends I need to call, how I can't seem to remember to get dog food, tuition cost increases, the cost of peanut butter, how I really need running pants, but would rather spend the money on Red Hot Chili Pepper tickets, and so on. Oh yeah, I work 8-hours a day, too.

What should I do? 
Are they for realsies?
It's not like I'm up for the $800k prize money.
I'm there to pump it up, man.

Regardless, I'm downloading some new jams today.
Are there any requests or dedications? What do you like to run to?

Wait a minute.
Could this finally be my excuse to whip out a walkman?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sponsor Running for Ryan!

So in this crazy little plan of Running for Ryan,
I have small goals, and I have large. 

I just tried to make a list of "the small" and came to an immediate stopping point.
There really is nothing very small about any of this at all.
In fact, this whole campaign, as we'll call it, has taken over my existence.

The point I'm trying to make is that there are things that I knew would happen:
I would sell aprons, and have sold 49.
I would receive incredible donations, and have received over 25 (40% of my goal).
I would have incredible support.
I would run a marathon.
I would raise awareness.

One of my major fundraising goals is to get sponsors. 
I have what I feel is an incredible following in just a 4-week span. 
Followers are from far and wide: Tampa to Memphis to New Orleans to Canada to England. 
It's really incredible. 
So I figure I can help those who will help me.

My sponsorship strategy:

First and foremost, sponsoring Running for Ryan will provide incredible support to the Hoyt Foundation. A sponsorship donation will help in the betterment and advancement of the hearts, minds and bodies of physically disabled children.

I will place the company's logo on the shirts I train in. I have over 400 miles to go... including the Rock N' Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon this February. 

In addition, the company's logo will appear on shirts that we will be selling as a fundraising effort. 

Lastly, a company has the option of including its logo on this very blog, which has generated over 2,000 views in its short existence. 

So what's it gonna cost you?
Aside from the kindness in your heart:

$25 - Company Name
$50 - Small Logo
$100 - Medium Logo (plus link on blog)
$250 - Large Logo (plus link on blog)
$500 - X-Large (plus link on blog)


Do it for Ryan!
Do it the the kids!
Do it so my dreams aren't crushed... no pressure.

Seriously, you all. The sky is the limit.

I even sent a letter to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and am currently working on one for Matt Lauer.

I am hoping that Matt Lauer is the highest bidder because I may or may not already have a shirt made.


So whether you are Matt Lauer, or a small company who wants to make a big impact,
let me know! 
I can be reached at my email: kellyn.gowen@gmail.com
Donations can be made here - be sure to include your contact information.

Check out Memphis Pedicab Company sitting nicely over there to the the right! Whoop!

Let's make a difference you all!
Make me want to run today!

If you want a printable sponsor flyer to show your boss,
 click here or see the tab up top!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Lacey

This week had a really rough start.
First of all, it was entirely bittersweet to see my first batch of aprons go out the door.
Those were my  babies. 
I literally cried putting those together, as I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing. (at first)
I asked my mom and husband 800 times if they were seriously good.
"No, like, seriously. Don't lie to me because I'm weepy and this is my dream...."
Then Ernestine died. 
(that is my old sewing machine to the newbies)
Then I realized I was entirely sleep deprived.
I was literally choosing to fold, press and stitch fabric over eating.
I was dehydrated.
I was emotional.
I had to choke back tears when my 2-year-old said "Mommeeeee, please no more work."
A hot flippin' mess.
Seriously... hot - it's 80 degrees here.
But something happened yesterday that TOTALLY blew my mind (in a good way).
I received a donation from someone who has never met me.
Has never met my brother.
Doesn't even live in Florida. (I think anyway)
Has no idea who the Shucks are.
A totally random person donated to my cause.
Dear Lacey,
You are the reason why I don't mind that I'm sleep deprived,
or that I licked 20 envelopes in a row today to people who may toss it in the trash,
or that I have a LOAD of apron orders,
or that I am still awake writing a blog post at 10:34 p.m. when I should be in bed,
or that I have started getting shin splints
or that sometimes my back feels as if it belongs to an 80-year-old man
or that I had to run with my dog and my gabbing toddler this weekend
or that I get major wedgies on longish runs
or that I nearly twist my ankle every time I turn the corner off Broadway
or that I have literally no idea what I have got myself into....
I joined Team Hoyt to make my efforts contagious
I wanted people to see what I see. 
Know what I know. 
Feel what I feel.
This is why I started a blog and stay up late to write and edit posts.
Or why I annoy the bejeebers out of people of Facebook.
The fact that you came to my blog, saw what I was doing,
and was moved enough to share your love with us,
literally blows my mind. 
Joining Team Hoyt and starting Running for Ryan was incredible,
but Lacey, what you did was more so. 
You are the reason why I will get up tomorrow and keep going.
I thank you.
I thank everyone who has made a donation thus far.
I thank everyone for the apron orders, sharing our link of Facebook or Twitter,
and even those who took a second to just think about us.
This love is what's going to push me across the finish line.
Keep it coming!
If Lacey isn't proof enough that we are making a difference,
then I don't know what is...


Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Run With Gray and Raya (never again)

Husband just back from an 8-day South American adventure with Tulane. 
Somehow having him home resulted in this as my Sunday run:


I did 3.8 miles.

It felt like it was 50.

I honestly feel it would have been better had I a lugged a sandbag.

Toddlers also cannot just enjoy the ride. Oh no.
Our excursion went a little something like this:

Gray: Mommmeeeeeee, where are we goooooing?
Me:  On a run.
Gray: Mommmeeee, a ruuuun? Mommeeee ruuuun?
Me: Yes.
Gray: Raya run Mommeee?
Me: Yes.
Gray: Gray running Mommeee?
Me: No Gray is riding. In the stroller. You are riding in the stroller.
Gray: The stroller?
Me: Yes.
Gray: Mommmeeeeeeeee?
Me. (huff pufff)
Gray: MommmeeEEEEEEE?
Me: (huff) Yes. (Puff)
Gray: You see the truck mommmeeee? Mommeee that's a red truck. BEEP BEEP.
Me. Yes
Gray: Oh! You hear the firetruck mommmeeee? WOOWOOWOOWOOWOO
Me: (Insert iPod earplugs.)
Gray: (muffle muffle muffle muffle)
Me: That's great, honey. Wow!

Oh, don't judge! Have you ever had a conversation with a 2-year-old?

But I guess the perk to that enticing conversation 
18 doggy potty breaks 
3 plastic bags
14 pot holes...

..got us here:


There is a god.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Buried in Aprons

Well the apron kick-off was certainly exciting.
My mother came into town to help me,
and thank god for that.

We were literally buried in fabric, thread and needles.
Well, I still am.... she got to hop on a plane this afternoon.

Thank you dearly to all of those who made orders! 
They are being shipped out this week,
possibly tomorrow!

I have learned a lot through this endeavor.
1. Aprons are not as simple as they seem.
2. Fabric disappears very quickly.
3. Ernestine was not prepared to take on this task.
4. Wine makes sewing exceptionally fun and relaxing.


So, Ernestine had a mild meltdown.
As much as I love her, we had no time to wait for her to recuperate. 
Please meet, Myrtle:


This "heavy duty" new friend is in fact, heavy duty. 
She plows.
She's amazing.

So there are now three new things to know about the aprons:

1. They will have a much quicker turnaround time because it is finally cool out, meaning I am drinking more red wine... meaning that I'll be rocking these aprons. 
I made all of these last night with a glass of wine and some Edward Cullen (excellent combination, might I add):


2. They are guaranteed to make your food taste better.
(Seasoned bread crumbs and pepper aren't the only flavor in this kitchen)


3. I am open to fabric suggestions. 
I found this one that I liked and will now offer:


So be sure to email me at kellyn.gowen@gmail.com or Facebook me 
and I'll get one out to you! 

Remember that there are so many opportunities to support Running for Ryan!

You can buy an apron!
"Like" us on Facebook
Share our blog and links on Facebook, Twitter, 
or whatever new thing is out there.
Give Ryan a high-five when you see him.
Sponsor my run. (more to come)

But perhaps most importantly,
Share the large amount of love that this little effort was built on.
Be nice. Be cool.
...and buy an apron...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So apparently, Boston ain't cheap.

In order to get me there, I need to do some self-fundraising.

Ergo: Aprons.

I have always wanted to make aprons because they are my obsession.
I like them cute, and I like them simple.

It is my hope that you do, too.

This is what I will need from you:
1. Name and Address
2. Size - Adult / Child / Toddler
3. Pattern
4. Style - Full / Half / Boy

Send that information to my email 
or my personal Facebook
You will then make a payment to my PayPal
(which is my email address - kellyn.gowen@gmail.com)

All of the extra proceeds will go to Running for Ryan! 

Hand-made embellishments:
(Included on each apron)

Half (My personal favorite)
Adult - $15
Child/Toddler - $10

(Pockets included)



Adult - $20
Child/Toddler - $15

(Pocket optional)



(You name the color)



(From left to right: Teal, Green, Orange, 70s Flower, Bold Flower, B&W, Pretty Flower)
You can also get it in the Asian umbrella fabric featured under the half aprons.

Meet Ernestine,
she is old, but she is mighty:


So that is the word! 

These aprons will make great stock stuffers for Christmas coming up! 
Guess what all of my family members are getting?!

(or should I say Go Go Go)
Get those orders in!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

For the Love of Flo Rida

I never thought that I would admit this aloud
(or via cyber space)
but I thank the gods for rappers.

Gold-toothed, bling-wearing, pants-housing, thug-loving, Crystal-sipping rappers

I don't know what it is about their apple-bottom jeans, booty calling, pop-locking-dropping, Bacardi parties that get me fired up...

But good god, when they "drop their beats"
it's as if they hypnotize me with their bedazzled teeth and say,
"Hey shawty, pick up the junk in the trunk, and bust a move. Word."

And suddenly my homie-self is sprinting, passing cars and setting PRs.

My list is limited, and I'm pretty sure they are outdated as far as rap jams go.
So what are the best beats these days?
Does Coolio still exist?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I don't exactly feel what most other runners refer to as their addiction to running.

I don't feel the need to strap on my running shoes and dash around my neighborhood to feel sane.
Although, a good run is incredibly refreshing, 
I would chose primetime television over runner's knee and a sore back any day.

So training is about the only way I'm going to hit the streets and run.
And since good ole Hal Higdon prefers I begin 18 weeks before the race,
I have mapped out pre-training for myself.

I need a detailed calendar.
I need a goal. 
I need some competition.
I need a finish line.

But this training is going to be different.

Not only is it twice as long as my last training,
but the goal this time is quite different from any race I've ever run.

I have never run for charity, nor did I really picture myself doing so.
I'm not even half-sure of what I am doing
But I will tell you this one thing,
I have never felt so inspired about anything in my life.

To tell you the truth, 
I have been hitting the streets without my iPod.
I have too many incredible thoughts that float through my brain,
that I wouldn't want to sacrifice them. 

I think about how I am actually going to make a difference;
something that never fully satisfied me by donating 10 cans of corn to the local church.

I think about running along side of 30 other people that feel so strongly about the same cause;
something that rarely happens as my opinons change too frequently to belong to any group.

And even though I am beginning to feel a tad overwhelmed of what I have signed up for,
I honestly know that I'm in the right place.
I am confident that I was meant to do this, and do it well. 

Pre-training has officially begun, folks. 
If you live in New Orleans, please try to not hit me,
but Honk for Hoyt! (I plan on that being a fundraiser of some sort)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Facebook, Email and Twitter, Oh my

We are trying to spread the word,
and spread it quickly.

"Like" us on Facebook.
Tweet our links (whatever that means)
Sign up to receive updates via email

All of this can be found on the right-hand side of the blog.

If you want to advertise on our blog,
we will have a good amount of traffic from Tampa/Memphis/New Orleans
You can also find that info on the right-hand side of the blog.

Let's raise some awareness, people! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Did Kellyn Really Qualify for the Boston Marathon?

Well, that's a relatively quick answer.

No, I didn't. 
(Technically speaking)

However, I was chosen to run with one of the most inspirational teams on the planet: 
Team Hoyt.

Meet Dick and Rick Hoyt:


A lack of oxygen during the birth of Rick Hoyt resulted in his diagnosis as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. In the late 70s, Rick told Dick that he wanted to participate in a 5-miler benefiting a sports player who became paralyzed in an accident. Coming in close to last, Dick pushed his son in his wheelchair across the finish line.

Upon his finish, Rick told his father, 
"Dad, when I'm running, it feels like I'm not handicapped."

Without further question, Dick has pushed Rick in over 1,000 races, 
including 29 Boston Marathons.
This will be their 30th anniversary.

Now, meet my brother, Ryan:


Ryan was in a car accident on April 16, 1983 at the age of 18 months, 
resulting in a strikingly-similar diagnosis as Rick's. 
The Boston Marathon 2012 will be held on the 29th anniversary of Ryan's accident. 

Finally, meet me: Kellyn


In honor of my brother, 
and to raise awareness for all children with special physical needs, 
I plan to train for the next 6 months and run a marathon next to the Hoyts. 
(Well, actually probably well far behind them)

This will by far be one of the most incredible experiences of my life,
and I want to be sure that I document every part of it.

There will be training.
Hardcore training, considering I am a complete novice marathon runner.

There will be fundraising.
From bake sales to running sponsorships, every penny counts.

And there will be a marathon.
Only one of the biggest/fastest/hardest marathons in the world, 
in which I don't even come close to qualifying for. 
But, who's counting...

You will find all of the details here. 
The sweat, blood and tears.
The cupcakes sales, car washes and charity events.
And the incredible stories about my brother and Rick Hoyt.

So for now, I'm oiling up these rusty gams and strapping on my running shoes.
I've only got 415.2 miles to go...