Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Go Time

The fundraising page is up,
the training plans have been drafted,
the baby has been birthed...
and now it's time to get serious.

It took me a second to get things together for several reasons:

I was exhausted after the Running4Ryan 5k, and not from walking 3.1 miles. After Ryan passed and it was discussed that the race would be just months after, I thought it would be a great way to process everything. It certainly made for positive thinking; however, once the event was over, it became even more of a reality that my brother and friend was gone.

I'm still trying to figure out what happened, why it happened, and how on earth one goes on making peace with a situation like this. I thank everyone for your participation in the event, and please excuse my absence in showing my thankfulness. All the Shucks truly appreciate it.

 photo 1236058_10151893162402094_1011402172_n.jpg

 photo 547277_10151909679997094_416719247_n.jpg

 photo 1176154_10151806645213911_1799630788_n.jpg

I was pregnant. Maybe it was working 50+ hours a week, or maybe it was truly pregnancy brain, but the last few months of my pregnancy were like I was living on another planet. I couldn't remember anything. I could hardly keep up with meals for my family, let alone setting up a fundraising page and actively trying to raise dollars and spread awareness.

 photo 1377124_10100758629168250_597822674_n.jpg

I was birthing a baby. Nellie Ruth knew that I would likely need those extra three weeks of training, and surprised us on November 4th. She was quick and relativiely painless, and I thank her for being ahead of schedule. (She gets that from me.) I also promised myself that I would dedicate a few weeks after her arrival to only her and no Team Hoyt or Running for Ryan. We have had a lovely few weeks of snuggles and obsessing.

 photo 1461128_10100791848536370_407092817_n.jpg

 photo 1454910_10100797252112560_506548134_n.jpg

But now I'm back and ready to blow my teammates out of the water in the fundraising department. I got second place last time and was honored. But let's be honest, who wants second when there's first?

This year is going to be different for several reasons:

I am not training quite as long, and apparently running after birth is like completely starting over again. I have started training, in that I am officially removing myself from the couch for an hour a day and walking. I am not in the business of injuring myself, so baby steps will be taken, and taken seriously. I will start running again when I feel that I can. If this means I walk from the 26.2 from Hopkington to Bolyston, so be it.

I will not be making aprons for personal fundraising. I have no clue where the energy came from to make and send 175 aprons two years ago while training, fundraising and working 40 hour weeks. Luckily for The Gowens, we are now both employed and can afford the trip this year. However, I may be making a few things to sell for the foundation. Stay tuned...

This year will be incredibly emotional for me. Not that it wasn't before - if you remember, quite a few of my runs involved me practicing breathing through sobs. Running is powerful, and running for an inspirational team is extra powerful, but running for an inspirational team with a deceased brother on my mind is bound to stir up some serious emotions. Not to mention that I'll likely be sleep deprived.

Here's what's not going to change:

I am going to fundraise like crazy for something that I absolutely believe in.

So many of you have already helped so much by either making a donation to Shriners in lieu of flowers for Ryan's funeral, making the trip to support our family, participating in some capacity for the Running for Ryan 5k, or simply sending thoughts and prayers.

Trust me when I say that I am so appreciative.

If you wish to extend your charity, click this link. 
All of these funds will go to the Hoyt Foundation and will additionally put me in the running for first place trophy...
both of which are awesome.

Let's do it for Ryan.
Let's do it for the Hoyts.
Together we can truly make a difference.