Monday, November 28, 2011

Sponsor Running for Ryan!

So in this crazy little plan of Running for Ryan,
I have small goals, and I have large. 

I just tried to make a list of "the small" and came to an immediate stopping point.
There really is nothing very small about any of this at all.
In fact, this whole campaign, as we'll call it, has taken over my existence.

The point I'm trying to make is that there are things that I knew would happen:
I would sell aprons, and have sold 49.
I would receive incredible donations, and have received over 25 (40% of my goal).
I would have incredible support.
I would run a marathon.
I would raise awareness.

One of my major fundraising goals is to get sponsors. 
I have what I feel is an incredible following in just a 4-week span. 
Followers are from far and wide: Tampa to Memphis to New Orleans to Canada to England. 
It's really incredible. 
So I figure I can help those who will help me.

My sponsorship strategy:

First and foremost, sponsoring Running for Ryan will provide incredible support to the Hoyt Foundation. A sponsorship donation will help in the betterment and advancement of the hearts, minds and bodies of physically disabled children.

I will place the company's logo on the shirts I train in. I have over 400 miles to go... including the Rock N' Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon this February. 

In addition, the company's logo will appear on shirts that we will be selling as a fundraising effort. 

Lastly, a company has the option of including its logo on this very blog, which has generated over 2,000 views in its short existence. 

So what's it gonna cost you?
Aside from the kindness in your heart:

$25 - Company Name
$50 - Small Logo
$100 - Medium Logo (plus link on blog)
$250 - Large Logo (plus link on blog)
$500 - X-Large (plus link on blog)


Do it for Ryan!
Do it the the kids!
Do it so my dreams aren't crushed... no pressure.

Seriously, you all. The sky is the limit.

I even sent a letter to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and am currently working on one for Matt Lauer.

I am hoping that Matt Lauer is the highest bidder because I may or may not already have a shirt made.


So whether you are Matt Lauer, or a small company who wants to make a big impact,
let me know! 
I can be reached at my email:
Donations can be made here - be sure to include your contact information.

Check out Memphis Pedicab Company sitting nicely over there to the the right! Whoop!

Let's make a difference you all!
Make me want to run today!

If you want a printable sponsor flyer to show your boss,
 click here or see the tab up top!

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