Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Run With Gray and Raya (never again)

Husband just back from an 8-day South American adventure with Tulane. 
Somehow having him home resulted in this as my Sunday run:


I did 3.8 miles.

It felt like it was 50.

I honestly feel it would have been better had I a lugged a sandbag.

Toddlers also cannot just enjoy the ride. Oh no.
Our excursion went a little something like this:

Gray: Mommmeeeeeee, where are we goooooing?
Me:  On a run.
Gray: Mommmeeee, a ruuuun? Mommeeee ruuuun?
Me: Yes.
Gray: Raya run Mommeee?
Me: Yes.
Gray: Gray running Mommeee?
Me: No Gray is riding. In the stroller. You are riding in the stroller.
Gray: The stroller?
Me: Yes.
Gray: Mommmeeeeeeeee?
Me. (huff pufff)
Gray: MommmeeEEEEEEE?
Me: (huff) Yes. (Puff)
Gray: You see the truck mommmeeee? Mommeee that's a red truck. BEEP BEEP.
Me. Yes
Gray: Oh! You hear the firetruck mommmeeee? WOOWOOWOOWOOWOO
Me: (Insert iPod earplugs.)
Gray: (muffle muffle muffle muffle)
Me: That's great, honey. Wow!

Oh, don't judge! Have you ever had a conversation with a 2-year-old?

But I guess the perk to that enticing conversation 
18 doggy potty breaks 
3 plastic bags
14 pot holes... us here:


There is a god.

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