Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I don't exactly feel what most other runners refer to as their addiction to running.

I don't feel the need to strap on my running shoes and dash around my neighborhood to feel sane.
Although, a good run is incredibly refreshing, 
I would chose primetime television over runner's knee and a sore back any day.

So training is about the only way I'm going to hit the streets and run.
And since good ole Hal Higdon prefers I begin 18 weeks before the race,
I have mapped out pre-training for myself.

I need a detailed calendar.
I need a goal. 
I need some competition.
I need a finish line.

But this training is going to be different.

Not only is it twice as long as my last training,
but the goal this time is quite different from any race I've ever run.

I have never run for charity, nor did I really picture myself doing so.
I'm not even half-sure of what I am doing
But I will tell you this one thing,
I have never felt so inspired about anything in my life.

To tell you the truth, 
I have been hitting the streets without my iPod.
I have too many incredible thoughts that float through my brain,
that I wouldn't want to sacrifice them. 

I think about how I am actually going to make a difference;
something that never fully satisfied me by donating 10 cans of corn to the local church.

I think about running along side of 30 other people that feel so strongly about the same cause;
something that rarely happens as my opinons change too frequently to belong to any group.

And even though I am beginning to feel a tad overwhelmed of what I have signed up for,
I honestly know that I'm in the right place.
I am confident that I was meant to do this, and do it well. 

Pre-training has officially begun, folks. 
If you live in New Orleans, please try to not hit me,
but Honk for Hoyt! (I plan on that being a fundraiser of some sort)

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