Sunday, January 1, 2012


I haven't made a solid new years resolution in years.
I don't know if it's because I weirdly mixed it up with Lent,
meaning I could never commit to giving up any of my guilty pleasures
(i.e. McDonald's double cheeseburgers, Coca-Cola classic and cursing),
or if it's my classic scatter brain that couldn't focus on one single resolution...

But this year it's pretty plain and simple,
and oddly enough,
there is nothing plain or simple about it.

Running for Ryan and the Hoyt Foundation wrapped up my 2011.
The last 3 months of that year (weird that it's past-tense already),
were totally dominated by this incredible force that took over my body, mind and soul.

I am so proud to announce that I have already met my team's required fundraising amount.
As of December 28, 2011, Running for Ryan has raised an astounding $5,525 for the Hoyts!!
I nearly fell out of my chair upon receiving a jaw-dropping donation from the SoHo Tavern,
which I had the pleasure of visiting over Christmas break,
to push us over that goal amount.

Some of you may be thinking,
"Thank god. Perhaps the Facebook updates and blog links will end."
Sorry to disappoint, my dears,
but there is truth to the saying to reach for the moon and you'll end up amongst the stars.
I haven't a clue as to how far up the moon is,
and I haven't ended my quest to reach it.

Running for Ryan isn't about reaching a set goal,
as I had my (well, my husband's) credit card on file fully prepared to make that final donation payment;
it's about raising awareness, and we won't stop until we have reached as many souls as possible.

So my new years resolution is:
To plainly and simply do everything I can to be the best member of Team Hoyt that I can possibly be.
I've raised the money,
but the world has yet to learn how passionately I feel.
You have, since you are here reading this,
but I feel there are others who haven't.

However, there is more to this team than raising awareness and a few thousand George Washingtons...
I have to run a marathon.
That's 26 miles, plus what I feel will be the toughest 285 yards of my life,
with the world's most impressive athletes,
including Dick and Rick Hoyt.

I need to train smarter. 
Eat better.
Budget my time. 

This is my first and it most certainly will be well done. 
I just bought two running skirts to ignite my celebration. 
I received fabulous gifts from my husband, parents and sister-in-law all geared towards running.
I've got all that I need.
It's on like Donkey Kong, ya'll.

So 2012,
I'm ready for you.
You will bring longer runs than I thought possible to run.
A Boston Marathon bib.
A Boston Marathon medal.
More minds thinking about something perhaps they hadn't before.
My family and friends coming together to support a common cause.
More aprons.
Knee braces.
Blog posts.
New running shoes.
Runs in Audubon Park.
Fundraising ideas.

This is going to be a great year.
A year to celebrate.
Cheers to the 2011 happenings that have brought me to 2012.

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