Friday, March 28, 2014

Apron Lady, Meet Bib Lady.

I'm less than four weeks from my fundraising deadline
With nearly $1500 left to raise. 
I was hoping not to have to whip out the ole sewing machine,
but desperate times call for desperate measures, amigos.

Just kidding. I'm actually really excited to do this. 

However, after my 2012 stint with selling aprons, 
I thought for sure that I would never do this again. 
And it wasn't that I didn't love doing it,
It's just that once you make 175 aprons in a row, 
You tend to want to vomit every time you see an apron.

But, bibs?!
Totally different story. 
Everyone loves babes!
Let's crank out a thousand of these puppies, people.
Seriously though, how about 150 so I can meet my goal?

So, all of the aprons are 100% cotton, machine washable, and totally adorable.

You have options: traditional or totally hipster kerchief.


Totally Hipster Kerchief:

Moooore options: Fabric (below)
Some fabric is limited based on what I have, 
and I'll do my best to remove the photos of the fabric that becomes discontinued.

1 bib: $12
2 bibs: $16
3 bibs $20

Add $2 for shipping

Email me at with your order.

You can PayPal me the money. 
Or, if you're uncomfortable with that, you can snail mail me a check.
100% will go to the Hoyt Foundation, well, except the shipping money.

I'll take the money from my PayPal account and donate in your name.
Sound good? 

Now, let's totally destroy my kitchen with tiny little pieces of fabric and string. 

Here are your fabric options:


Teal Striped:


Fleur de lis:

Brown Flower:

Wild Flower:



Yellow Stripe:




Green Maze:


Green Stripe:


Russian Dolls:

Pin Dolls:

Mod Flower:


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  1. Please send me information on how to purchase a few! I love them and want to gift them <3