Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why I Run

It occurred to me today on my run
that some people may not really know why I joined Team Hoyt. 
Sure, they may have heard about my brother passing,
and known this race is in his honor,
but I wanted to explain how it is so much more than that. 

I joined Team Hoyt in 2011 because I grew up with a brother with a disability. 
It was my every day. 
And I certainly don't mean that in a bad way; in fact, just the opposite. 
Growing up with a brother with a disability meant that I was given the advantage of learning that we all have our differences, our own special obstacles, 
and regardless of what they are, 
we all deserve kindness and respect.

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People with disabilities have come a long way.
This is mostly thanks to the fight of so many of their family members. 
My brother, for instance, escaped having to go to a special school. 
His mind worked just fine, and so my parents fought for him to be in public school with us. 
Dick Hoyt and his wife were told to put Rick in an institution. 
Instead of staring at four gray walls, he's now seen the world. 

The point of me running this race,
and doing so right after having a baby,
is to spark attention.
But don't be confused in that I want the attention for myself. 
I dont' want the attention on my brother passing either.
This attention is to hopefully direct you to the world of disability awareness.
A world where these people feel accepted.
This inclusion brings comfort, confidence and prosperity.

I saw this in my brother. 
He grew up in a world where he was treated no differently by his family and peers. 
I know this world is possible, and so I run to bring this possibility to other people's lives. 

I run for Ryan; to celebrate his incredible existence.

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I run for the Hoyts; to celebrate their fight for disability awareness.

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I wish every day that I could visit these courageous people and be a part of that difference. 
But I am raising my own family, and so I leave it in the hands of the Hoyt Foundation. 
They work so hard to make sure that so many lives are touched and brightened. 

You too can be a part of it!
To make a donation to the Hoyt Foundation, please click HERE.

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