Monday, January 6, 2014

New Training Plan

Do you know what temperature it was at 5:15 this morning?
I do. 
It was cold. 
Seriously cold. 
At 5:15 this morning I was out the door to make in time for my first day back at boot camp.

 photo unnamed-6.jpg
(If you're wondering, "Does Kellyn have a black eye?" The answer is "No. That is the kiss of parenthood,")

I know some of you up north think that that's warm at this point. 
But that is cold as a mother in Memphis. 

Anyway, this is all part of my new training plan. 
After a lot of thought, I reached out to Sgt. Tony about coming back to his boot camp class. 
My run training has been going well, but I don't want to push my luck.
Every good runner knows that good running doesn't come from running alone. 
Cross training is essential to safe running, improving time, and in my case, bouncing back from having a baby and running a marathon 5 months after. 

A few days of strength and core training mixed with a few running days.
No brainer, right? 
Well, that's where the five year old and newborn come into the mix. 
This was not going to be easy. 
At. All.

I actually was supposed to go last Friday, but honest to god, could not get out of bed. 

Here goes my Boot Camp morning schedule:

4:30am - Wake newborn and nurse
5am - Put newborn in bed with Husband and hope she continues to sleep. 
Get dressed. Start car - it's cold outside.
5:15am - Hop in car and drive to Boot Camp
5:30am - Boot Camp starts
6:30am - Boot Camp ends. 
6:38am - Get home. Pump milk. Drink water like it's going out of style
7am - Grab baby out of bed so husband can get a little bit more sleep. Wake 5 year old. 
7:15am - Serve breakfast to toddler. Hop in shower.
7:30am - Get dressed. Cover up eye bags and apply makeup.
7:45am - Eat my own breakfast while making lunches. 
8am - Nurse newborn again. 
8:15 - Bark at 5 year old to brush teeth, feed fish, grab stuff for school.
8:25 - Out the door for school.

That is 4 hours of non-stop business. 
And some people will not have opened one eye. 

But that's simply what it's going to take to get this done, and done well. 
So no, it won't be easy. 
Early rising. 
Rushing here and there.
Doing jumping jacks with nursing tatas. 
(Seriously, the most miserable thing I've ever done.)
Not lounging with my kid in the morning. 

But it's going to be worth the hassle when I cross the finish line on Boyslton St. 
It will be worth people learning more about people with disabilities.
It will be worth helping those people with disabilities. 

I wouldn't be doing this at all without the incentive of this great team and their message. 
Not joking. 
I mean, I enjoy running and working out, 
but I also enjoy lounging on my couch cuddled with my kids and drinking coffee.

This team. This race. This cause.
They really do mean the world to me.
Knowing that this is making my brother happy wherever he is. 
That's the icing on the cake. 

I may be crazy, but I'm making a difference. 

To donate to the Hoyt Foundation: Click Here

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