Thursday, February 23, 2012


You know,
I originally thought that after I decided to retire the apron-making
that I would have some time for rest.

But then I realized that I am Kellyn Gowen,
and I will only stop freaking the flip out when I'm dead.

I've had some difficulty balancing the many shades of Kellyn recently.
I have changed shifts at work.
I am slowly and sadly accepting the fact that I am moving in 3 months.
I am trying to recuperate from 2 weeks of Mardi Gras.
I am actively trying not to go insane from planning a toddler's birthday party.

This is just my personal life.

Aside from that:
I am feeding my body what seems like endless carbs to fuel 15+ milers
and paying really big grocery bills to support this.
I am coming to terms with my new running shoes that are badass, but sinfully fugly.
(Yes, fugly)
Preparing my mind for a PR half marathon in 10 days. (1:50:00)
(fingers crossed)
Planning a fundraiser that I know will be great, but fear it will flop.
Punching numbers together to ensure I have enough to even stay in Boston.
Punching numbers together to ensure I have enough money to drink in Boston.
Punching numbers together to ensure I have enough to buy Boston paraphernalia:
- Obnoxious 26.2 sticker for the whip
- Boston Marathon jacket, that I'm sure is entirely overpriced.
- Sam Adam 26.2 brew in honor of the race

Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep my cool because I like to convince people that I'm "laid back"
(somewhere, my husband is snickering at that comment)

It's all sorts of intense in the noggin. 

Luckily, I look cool on the outside.

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The fundraiser IS going to be fabulous.
Come one, come all,
We will be kickin' it at Beef O' Brady's on Himes in Tampa
March 7, 2012
11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
You can give us a head's up that you're coming by RSVPing HERE

Door Prizes will include:
Spa Package from Touch Aveda Salon and Spa
Ladies Accessories

There are also a few hopefuls:
Yankees Paraphernalia
Liquor and Spirits

I will additionally have my world famous aprons for sale,
along with some adorable baby hats.

ALSO - We have a cake being donated from the most amazing cake-maker ever:
If you all have not seen her creations yet,
consider coming just for this. 

If you have anything you would like to donate, please let me know!

This is how it works:
You can come into the restaurant at any time of the day to eat and drink.
15% of your ticket will go to the Hoyt Foundation!
I will be there, probably chasing my unruly monster child.
Anyone can sign up for the silent auction.
I will place a minimum bid and the bidding will go on all day.
Evening time should be the social event.
Come see the Shuck's in action during our trifecta of fun:
Wings, beer and friends. 

I will announce the winners of the door prizes at the end of the evening.
You do not have to be present for the name drawing.

And hopefully,
all of this combined will create one solid last effort to raise money and awareness.

So join us in the most delicious fundraiser ever! 
Who knows, maybe I'll even buy you a drink.

Speaking of which,
I would LOVE to get a chance to meet everyone before I debo out of Tampa.
I will be having happy hour cocktails at SoHo Tavern on Thursday night.
SoHo Tavern has been so incredible to me in my efforts,
and we should return the love and drink lots of their cold beer.

This will be the 1-month countdown to the big race.
Join me as I celebrate those who race the daily life marathons,
as I prepare to run one for them. 

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